Govt Nazimuddin college madaripur
Govt. Nazimuddin College, Madaripur is the largest and most renowned college in Madaripur district. Established in 1948, this college has been rendering valuable services by providing opportunities of higher education in this region. The college was nationalized in year 1979. Honor's and Master's courses were introduced  In 1996 and this Institute offers Honor's Courses Over 10 subjects and Master's Courses in 8 subjects. At present there is a total of 5000-6000 thousand students at this college and Over 60 full-time teachers are engaged in educating them. The college provides residential facilities for both male and female students with own hostel and a nice academic atmosphere prevails here.
                                                                                                  Photo of Nazimuddin College         

                                                 Nazimuddin college gate

  New Building of Nazimuddin college

                                                 Front view of Nazimuddin college


Nazimuddin college is the main campus of the student of madaripur town. The college is the educational center of  madaripur town. The college is the Middle of the city. nazimuddin college is a combined college with young boys and girls.The college is a safe place for girls student.A newly build girls hostel is give a new dimension of the college.Nazimuddin college Provide Honours,Masters degree of National University Bangladesh along with HSC class student..